Australian Consulate-General
Chennai, India

New Colombo Plan

The New Colombo Plan (NCP) is a partnership between government, universities and the private-sector to provide a new generation of Australians with direct experience of living, studying and undertaking work placements in the Indo-Pacific.

Doing business in the fastest growing region in the world means developing teams with the capability to work in the Indo-Pacific region has become a strategic business issue. Building a team capable of operating in the region is essential to identify and enter new markets; better manage culturally diverse teams, and achieve outcomes in foreign business environments.

A ustralian Government’s signature initiative of the Australian Government, the NCP, seeks to address this issue by boosting the number of Australian undergraduate students who live, study and work in the Indo-Pacific. By doing so, they build Australia’s ability to do business in our region.

The NCP s now supporting students to study and undertake internships in 40 locations across the Indo-Pacific from South Asia in the west to Mongolia in the north, and the Cook Islands in the east.

Open to all Australian undergraduates across Australia, the NCP supports around 10,000 students a year, who represent the diversity of the Australian community.

By the end of 2020, the NCP alumni will have grown to around 40,000 young Australians with experience of living, studying and undertaking work experience in the Indo-Pacific.

The Australian Government is encouraging businesses to become a part of the NCP. By offering internships and mentorships overseas, businesses benefit by harnessing the skills of talented young Australians for specific projects; accessing graduates and their networks who may be valuable future employees; developing graduates with the skills and experience Australia needs to do business internationally and enhancing the business’s brand by joining the future of Australia’s engagement with our neighbours.

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