Australian Consulate-General
Chennai, India


Australia has been in the forefront on Innovation and Research in Science and Technology. Australian innovations have improved the lives of billions—from the black box flight recorder to Google Maps, from Wi-Fi technology to the bionic ear, from spray-on skin to a vaccine for cervical cancer.

Australia has also developed and implemented a National Innovation and Science Agenda that will drive smart ideas to create business growth, local jobs and global success.

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Australia believes that innovation – finding new ways to solve problems – holds the key to progress and success in our world. Innovation can help deliver development solutions that are cheaper, faster and more effective. By thinking differently about risk, we can make investments with greater reward and greater impact.

The Australian Government’s programme InnovationXchange has been established to catalyse and support innovation across the Australian aid program. InnovationXchange will identify trial and scale up successful approaches.

InnovationXchange will follow five key principles:

  • Openness - We work in the open, sharing learnings broadly to support participation in innovation and drive new, better thinking.
  • Leadership - We demonstrate and influence change towards new ways of working.
  • Collaboration - We co-create with a range of partners.
  • Agility - We are problem solvers in the business of funding trials. A cycle of iteration, adaptation and learning will be the foundation for our progress.
  • Engagement with Risk - We look at risk differently. We don’t think of risk as something to be avoided or mitigated at all costs. We recognise the upside of risk and that innovation offers the potential for reward and big impact. Taking risks is essential to pioneering new approaches. We strive for transformational change, knowing that the path to that change is not always clear

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