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Chennai, India

Media release

13 February 2017                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             PA-CN/17/04

                                                           Soaring to new heights in Chennai with the Paper Pilots

Australia’s Paper Pilots, Dylan Parker and James Norton, recently met with school children in Chennai to offer a crash course in paper plane making and flying as part of the “Engage Youth” initiative of the Australian High Commission.  

Dylan and James, who founded “The Paper Pilots” in 2008, to educate and inspire students across Australia, use the simple concept of paper planes to explain the science of flight and encourage students to develop problem solving skills to design the perfect paper plane.  Their true life story inspired the 2015 Australian hit family film “Paper Planes” directed by Robert Connolly.

As part of the visit to the schools the Paper Pilots conducted paper plane making workshops for students after the screening the film “Paper Planes”. The film deals with themes which resonate with a young audience, including negotiating with peers, dealing with bullies, being sportsman like and dreaming big.

Commenting on the visit, Sean Kelly, Australian Consul General for South India said, “It’s a great opportunity for young children to learn complex concepts such as force, gravity and techniques through the simple art of designing and flying paper planes. The movie ‘Paper Planes’ is an uplifting, warm and most of all funny family film that conveys a positive image of Australia and Australian culture. The film was one of the top five most successful films in Australia in 2015 and has won a series of awards including Best Original Screenplay’ by the Australian Academy of Cinema, Television and Arts Awards”.

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